Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Mayor Demands Electoral College Decide Council Races

After a stinging defeat for her slate of city council candidates, Santa Clara's mayor demanded that the County Registrar of Voters not publish election results until the Electoral College meets in December.

"We don't know who was elected right now," the mayor said. "We know that elections are decided by the Electoral College, not a bunch of ballots. For all we know, every one of those ballots could have been cast by Jed York."


The mayor also said that hundreds of ballots were found in discarded Halloween pumpkins near City Hall, but the Registrar of Voters refuses to count them. "This is just another example of how the 49ers are running the show."


"As usual, the Mayor is blowing smoke," said one of the newly elected Council Members. "Everyone knows that the Electoral College only decides presidential elections."


The mayor continues to insist that the Electoral College decides city council races.


"We're demanding an investigation. It's very suspicious that the 49ers come here and then we start having these election thingys. We'll take this to the Supreme Court if we have to.


"The City Attorney says we have a very strong case based on the 1947 opinion in Who-ha v. Woo-Woo by the Ho-Ho-Kus NJ Justice of the Peace," the mayor added.


The City Manager is preparing a letter to residents to correct false narratives about the election.


The money will come from the library budget. "If people didn't waste time reading so-called books," said one of the mayor's supporters, "they wouldn't be so misinformed." 


© Carolyn Schuk