Friday, April 22, 2016

Conspiracy Con R.I.P. -

Some people are fascinated by conspiracies. I am fascinated by conspiracists. Part of that is a sociological interest in subcultures. Part of it is the charm of the bizarre and the outrageously bad. (See Joe Queenan, "The Red Lobster, White Trash and the Blue Lagoon").

For three years I followed the annual conspiratorial confab, Conspiracy Con, held at the Santa Clara's Marriott. It could hardly be accidental that it was here. St. Clear, the Winchester Mystery House, and the rocket-like statues at City Hall -- they all pointed to a center of mysterious cosmic gravity. The conference in 2012 was the biggest ever -- perhaps it was because the world hadn't come to an end May 12 and the faithful needed new guidance on that point.

That turned out to be the zenith, and in 2013 ConspiracyCon moved to Milpitas. Like all infatuations, mine faded.

I knew all the details of the Sept. 11 false flag operation and exactly when the clock stopped which proved that things didn't happen as we were told. I knew about the reptiloid space aliens and their Martian wars. I knew that the Bilderberger Group was planning to abolish money and embed the mark of the beast on us with mobile phone payment systems. It became yawn-making.

Or maybe it was the new locale -- there's no mystery about Milpitas.

Suddenly, in 2014 ConspiracyCon closed down. Founder and organizer Brian Hall had been "had" by fraudsters, but the details "must remain confidential." That was three years ago, but there are no updates.

In the meantime, ConspiracyCon's predecessor, UFOCON, is back is business. Scheduled for next October, it features many of the same cast members and promises a visit from the Big Kahuna of conspiracism himself, George Noory. I'll keep you posted.

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