Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Giving Tech its Due

Am I the only person who sometimes feels like Santa Clara has multiple personality disorder?

I saw this headline this morning in FierceCIO:TechWatch: AMD scoffs at Nvidia’s 'huge, monolithic' approach.

(Hang on, I'm getting to the MPD;)

Here are two tech giants that will decide how we see the next generation of computer graphics -- that means games, online video -- who both are headquartered in Santa Clara. But how often does this reality about Santa Clara enter into our community conversation? I don't ever get asked when the Santa Clara Weekly is going to add a tech news column. But at least once a month someone asks me when the paper is going to bring back to society column.

Now I have nothing against society news. But I think our public conversation needs to be informed by the fact that world-changing technology makes its home here -- especially as the General Plan update is getting under way. It's not just enough to pay lip service to tech businesses. We need to start acting like what they do is at least as important as the price of real estate.

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  1. Well said. All the time I hear how Santa Clara is the heart of innovation and the Silicon Valley. Very rarely do you ever see tech reporting in this local paper.

    I think you should definitely add a tech column. Make it happen!