Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Disclaimer

As a disclaimer to my election rant, I think I should state for the record the owner of the Santa Clara Weekly paper is Miles Barber.

In response to the woman (wouldn't identify herself at the Final Word Forum) who stated, "You work for the paper and Miles gets money from the Gilmors so they tell you what to write" you couldn't be more wrong.

Miles has given me feedback on maybe 3 of my stories including my Tech Talk series on Comcast as an Internet Service Provider. He said the paper "isn't the I hate Comcast Weekly".

If you think my editor tells me what to write, you're wrong as well. My editor gives me feedback on the content of my articles. But never tells me what to write or what angle to take on a story.


  1. For whatever it is worth, Mr. Sacks has always, as has all of the reporters for the Weekly maintained a VERY INDEPENDENT ATTITUDE in his ooverage.

    Ps, The Weekly was always very hard on Lisa, was not in business during Gary's tenure, and has taken a lot more advertising each year from very strong competitors to Gillmor Realty.

    James Rowen

  2. Let me put in my two cents: In the four years I have written for the Weekly, only one phrase --not even a complete sentence -- has been cut from my stories. And it wasn't a matter of something that the editorial staff disagreed with. It was something that was of questionable provenance. As a reporter, I appreciate that second set of eyes. Even though some accuse us liberal media types of not caring whether what we write is true or is damaging, I can tell you that I always look critically at what I write and try to err on the side of caution if there's a question.

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