Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The vote on the 49ers stadium

The Santa Clara City Council meeting is slowly grinding through the issue of the 49ers stadium. As of now, the meeting's been going on for nearly 2 hours.

I've got a flu bug and don't have the patience to sit through the end of the meeting. Besides, news is more fun when you can read about it before it happens, so let's cut to the end of the meeting and take a glimpse at the final results of tonight's meeting - published before the meeting even finishes.

The meeting will go past midnight - let's say until about 12:45am.

The speakers will have been limited to 2 minutes each given the sheer number of those wanting to speak. Several familiar faces will have spoken - both for and against. The common argument against the stadium will be "why give money to billionaires?" and probably there'll be at least one appearance of the "The City could have given money to a solar startup".

Each Council Member will take their turn to speak. Some will ask questions that sound thoughtful as if they're still trying to decide on the issue and some nuance could sway their vote one way or another.

In the end, the Council will vote to approve. Council Member McLeod and possibly Council Member Kennedy could be the only voices on the Council who might vote against it, but expect to see every other council member back it. I'm not saying Council Member McLeod or Kennedy are good or bad or the other council members are good or bad based on their vote - that's for you to decide.

I'll post an update after the meeting (possibly on Wednesday afternoon) to see how accurate I was....

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