Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The night of the whining

Before the last election, I posted "An Election Who's Who" where I gave opinions about the candidates for City Council. Now that we're 8 months down the road, let's revisit some of those recommendations and see how people are acting. This is based entirely on public appearances. I didn't interview anyone for this.

At the last two City Council meetings, several people have spoken - including Council Members. But what's interesting is hearing the people that spoke that were once candidates. It's amazing how when people aren't on the campaign trail, their true colors come out.

Let's take a look:

Karen Hardy: Either Karen's been incredibly quiet, or I don't watch the Council Meetings at the right time.

Brian Lowery: Brian has spoken at Council meetings and in other venues and is always willing to talk. Brian is staying true to the issues on which he ran his campaign and seems to always deliver a consistent message.

Mario Bouza: Mario is similar to Hardy - he's either been incredibly quiet or appears at Council meetings at the right time.

Mary Emerson: Mary's been at several City Council meetings and has consistently spoken out against the stadium.

Chuck Blair: Like Hardy and Bouza, Chuck seems to have disappeared from the radar.

Ciaran O'Donnell: In that pre-election post, I labeled O'Donnell as a chameleon candidate - someone willing to say what he needs to say to please all the voters. At Tuesday's City Council meeting, O'Donnell showed his true colors. During the public presentation, O'Donnell spoke and insulted the Mayor and her family. The insult doesn't bother me, although it definitely rankled the Mayor. What bothered me was how O'Donnell would stoop to such a puerile level.

Whether or not you like the Mayor isn't the point. The point is how O'Donnell acted. As a former and possibly future City Council candidate, I'd sort of expect a bit better (okay, a lot better) than what he gave. If he had won and the rest of the Council voted took a position opposite his, one wonders how he'd respond - spitballs at 20-yards?


  1. Is it worse to say someone is being a chameleon or a mule.

  2. However,

    An editorial comment about someone's political views is one thing -- and, IMHO, being chameleon-like in politics isn't always a bad thing, given that politics is "the art of the possible." However, insults that pointedly hinge on someone's parentage -- as Mr. O'Donnell made a point of doing-- are another.

  3. Thank you very much for your kind comments about me Larry. They are greatly appreciated. What I have learned from my parents so long ago, was promise people only what you can truly do for them and never, ever promise them something that you know in your heart, you cannot truly deliver; for a promise is your word of honor.