Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Brown Act and Ina Bendis

Ok. This is not my writing, although I do like the style of this.

This was written by a soon-to-be participating blogger, "Fly on the Wall" on the Around Santa Clara blog, but since the election is almost here and Mr. Fly still can't post, I felt it prudent to get this posted sooner than later. Apparently did Mr. Fly in his email to me asking if I could post it for him (her?) in the meantime. (If I find out Mr. Fly is really a Miss Fly (Mrs. Fly?), I'll correct my salutations).

The appeal of this seems to be how Mr. Fly has managed to capture the spirit and style of Ina Bendis' speaking style.

Once the permissions issue is resolved, then I'll delete this post and allow Mr. Fly to re-post it.

Below is the work of one, Mr. Fly in response to my article about the School Board issuing a "Strong Disapproval" of Ina Bendis.

Mr. Sacks,

What you didn't include in your article was what I see as Bendis' biggest problem. Her commitment to verbosity.

"I should have kept my mouth shut" was a laudable defense, although she rarely will follow that strategy. Instead, she acts more like a crafty petulant child, who caught red-faced with her hand in the cookie-jar intones, that she has done nothing wrong.

Rather, it was the fault of her parents for having purchased the cookies in the first place and then for having placed them in the cookie jar and for not properly securing the cookies in such a way that would truly prevent her from gaining access.

Merely placing them on a high shelf in the pantry actually has forced her to risk life and limb by climbing in an unsafe manner to get to the cookie jar. She, is merely acting the way her parents intended her to act by doing the aforementioned grievances with the cookies and the cookie jar. Had her parents not wanted her to attempt to sneak cookies from the cookie jar, then she would not have been forcibly placed into such a position where her parents are now accusing her of lying, which "quite clearly" (one of Bendis' favorite phrases), she is not doing since quite clearly, this is the behavior her parents sought from her.

On top of that, it should also be pointed out that Mommy and Daddy actually regularly break the law by driving over the posted speed limit, and for not properly stopping before making a right turn on a red light. Furthermore, even though Daddy promised that he would stop smoking, in reality, he has been smoking in the bathroom and blowing the smoke out the window and then washes his clothing and takes a shower to mask the smell of cigarette and cigar smoke.

Additionally, Mommy and Daddy also smoke marijuana on a regular basis in the privacy of their room even though it is quite clearly, a violation of the law and neither of them has a valid medicinal need for it.

Finally, while Mommy and Daddy are smoking their dope, she is left to sit in a dirty diaper as they are both too stoned to know that they are quite clearly violating the Brown Act. This has left her no choice other than to report Mommy and Daddy to child and family services. The social worker assigned to my case was unaware about Mommy and Daddy's heinous actions and she informed them of that."

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