Friday, January 11, 2013

SCUSD Online Accessibility: Let's Crowdsource It

Last night at the SCUSD board meeting there was a discussion about online access to board information including district policies and procedures, meeting agendas and reports, minutes, meeting recordings and -- in the future -- meeting video recording.

Now I know that it's more congenial to journalists to be part of the problem than to be part of the solution.

(To release my inner snark, I will only say that last night's conversation illustrated Everett Dirkson's remark that the length of governing body's discussion is inversely proportional to the amoung of money involved. So because actually doing any of this would represent less than .001 percent of the district's budget, needless to say, more time was spent discussing the few thousand dollars involved than on last week's district financial report.)

But sometimes journalists find themselves in a unique position to solve problems, because they're outsiders. So here's the idea; let's crowdsource this job. I was introduced to crowdsourcing for public projects many years ago by the U.S.'s first CTO, Aneesh Chopra, thanks to the an event put on by TiE Silicon Valley. If the federal government can do it, we can too.

Rather than tell you all about it, you can check into I've submitted the project as a "challenge" and will report here on future developments. In the meantime, if you have ideas, just post a comment here.

I know Santa Clara can do it -- we're the heart of Silicon Valley after all.

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