Friday, February 8, 2013

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors to Santa Clara County Cities: Tough Luck

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors President Ken Yeager is a busy man. He's got too many bicycle photo opps to get to.

Judging from his response, it seems he doesn't have have a lot of time for the whiners and complainers in the Santa Clara County Cities Association who think they're getting a raw deal from the county in the unwinding of redevelopment. In fact, he's such a busy man he doesn't have time, it seems, to find the answers to questions that county cities are raising.

Yeager's answer to the Santa Clara County Cities Association's letter about the county's aggressive asset grabs is simple: Tough luck. Any more questions? Call Deputy County Executive James Williams at (408) 299-5128.

Williams was at the last meeting of the Santa Clara RDA Successor Agency Oversight Board  explaining the county's position that Santa Clara simply needed to 'un-pay' money that had already been spent. The same meeting that Jamie Matthews called "a lot of brain damage" for  "little benefit."

Here's the county's reply to Cities Association:

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