Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Howling by Sarah Palin

This has been gestating a while....

Howling by Sarah Palin
(with apologies to Allen Ginsberg)

I am the worst mind of my generation, squirmishing the grammar, thawing hysterical refudiation
preening for TV cameras at primetime looking for an angry comb-over
lamestream media heads spinning for the hallelujiah going rogue left and right in the machinery of night,
you right wingin’ bitter clingin’
proud clingers of our guns we’re not going to chill, it’s time to drill, baby, drill down bloating budgets contemplating redheaded Sasquatch for Jesus
you rock ‘n rollers and holy rollers
hands that rock the cradle bared your second amendment to go kick ISIS ass
you teachers and teamsters
we are mad, and we’ve been had status quo has got to go
you cops and cooks
pro-lifers hallucinating Wasilla among the political class for ever and ever now or never
you hard-hats and the steel-toes and Joe six packs
footin’ the bill for these nations fightin’ each other yellin’ “Allah Akbar” on Jihad joyrides
you Trump and his trumpeters
stop the self sabotage bust it up self-destruct help’s on the way in submarine light of Russia
you guys sounding angry who bust up political correctness suicide vest you deserve the best send a message to the rest on the windows of their media ratings
I’m here with you in Iowa
 In my dreams I’m in it to win it stump with trump and wear the issues that need to be spoken debate on his sleeve

God bless Trump Tower and the art of the deal.

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