Saturday, December 19, 2020

Mayor Steps Up to Help Homeless Family


Trigger warning: Satire ahead

Mayor Lisa Gillmor has offered to buy Mar-a-Lago from Donald Trump and include a year’s free apartment in one of Gillmor Real Estate’s properties for the Trumps. This week Palm Beach Fla. filed suit against Trump for breaking his promise not to live there.


“Mr. Trump lost his job and he’s being evicted like so many during this pandemic,” said Gillmor.


“We feel the need to step up and help. Here’s a man with an extended family that depends on him and now they could all be out in the cold in January.”


Gillmor also noted that the City offers many job-training programs.


“Mission College offers excellent career programs where the Trumps could learn new skills that would make them employable,” she said, "that don’t involve managing money or governing. I can see the Trumps being self-sufficient within two years.”


If her offer is accepted, Gillmor says she plans to turn Mar-a-Lago into a soccer park. She assured Palm Beach residents that she would not be inviting Rudy Giuliani to the property.


Trump’s wife Melania said that she would welcome the offer if Gillmor would include a second apartment. Trump hasn’t indicated if he’s favorable to the sale, only asking if California has an extradition treaty with New York.

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