Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Rose Garden Becomes Santa Clara's Special District

 Trigger warning: satire ahead

San José Rose Garden residents report that they've started seeing lawn signs for Santa Clara City Council candidates in their neighborhood. 

This is the first step in Santa Clara's Rose Garden annexation, explained the Santa Clara City Mayor in a press conference held yesterday. "We want our Rose Garden citizens to feel they're part of our community," said the Mayor, "and what better way than to invite them to vote in the city." 

Because it's too late to have the County Registrar of Voters send new ballots, Santa Clara is printing and distributing new ballots to its newest citizens, explained the Mayor. 

Many have been asking which district the Rose Garden will be annexed to.

"We feel that we need to recognize the Rose Garden's special-ness by making it a Special District," said the Mayor.  "Residents will be able to vote for all four open Council seats."

Despite the budget deficit, the City has appropriated $200,000 for an education campaign run by spinmeister Alfred E. Neuman, the City's communications and public outreach advisor. Neuman launched the program by spending nine hours reading posts on Weekly World News Santa Clara Edition, InfoWars and Discord — invoicing the City $57,959.12 for the work. 

The education campaign is needed because Rose Garden residents may not know how to vote, the Mayor explained. 

"They're used to voting in San José where they get to choose who to vote for," the Mayor said. "They don't realize that's not the Santa Clara Way." 

To help voters make the right choices, Special District voters will only have one choice for each seat,  said the City Manager. "We have to make it as simple as possible because the media is misleading people with its false narratives about candidates." 

The County Registrar of Voters said that no ballots except those from the ROV office will be counted. 

"Until we're advised through official channels, not that whackadoodle mayor, any strange ballots we receive will go into our 'special' circular file," the Registrar said. "We have a few of those every election — people voting on their own special ballots for the King of Mars and such." 

A Rose Garden resident who was asked what she thought of the annexation replied, "What annexation? If I catch that Q-Anon crank sticking signs in my lawn again, I'm going to shove them up his kiester."

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